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The 2024 Harley-Davidson® Livewire® S2 Mulholland™ in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola Harley-Davidson® - The 2024 Harley-Davidson® Livewire® S2 Mulholland™ in Pensacola, FL

The all-new 2024 Harley-Davidson® Livewire® S2 Mulholland™, now available at Pensacola Harley-Davidson® is a marvel of engineering that combines cutting-edge technology with breathtaking aesthetics, challenging everything you know about riding. The unique profile, devoid of a traditional gas tank, enhances its sleek look and showcases the intricacies of its build, including visible brake lines and wiring harnesses that forge a deeper connection between rider and ride.

Performance that Thrills

Prepare to be thrilled by the 2024 Harley-Davidson® Livewire® S2 Mulholland™'s robust performance. Weighing in at just 432 pounds, it boasts a rapid acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in merely 3.3 seconds, powered by an 84-horsepower electric motor delivering an impressive 194 ft-lb of torque, offering an exhilarating ride without compromise.

Eco-Friendly Without Compromise

2024 Harley-Davidson® Livewire® S2 Mulholland™ features eco-friendly materials across various touchpoints such as the bodywork and seat, offering an optional unpainted Lunar White finish that minimizes the use of traditional plastics and paints. Even the seat is crafted from silicone biomaterial, providing comfort and durability while being environmentally responsible.

Advanced Safety Technologies

Ride with confidence knowing that the 2024 Harley-Davidson® Livewire® S2 Mulholland™ is equipped with the latest safety technologies. It features an advanced Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (C-ABS) that adapts to your lean angles, a Drag-Torque Slip Control System (DSCS) for managing rear-wheel slip, and a Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) that enhances control and confidence in all riding conditions.

Discover the Thrill of Innovation

At Pensacola Harley-Davidson®, you're buying a motorcycle and joining a vibrant community of enthusiasts who cherish the finer aspects of motorcycling. Our team is committed to delivering a comprehensive experience that extends from helping you select the ideal model to providing unmatched after-sales service. Feel the powerful surge of its electric engine and immerse yourself in the future of motorcycling, available exclusively at Pensacola Harley-Davidson®. Visit us today to schedule a test ride.

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